Stipe Grgas

Stipe Grgas (1951) is Full Professor and chair of the American Studies program at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. Before 2005 he taught at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zadar but was also a guest lecturer at departments of other Croatian universities (Split, Rijeka). He has published three books, edited two and has written some hundred articles on American, Irish and British literature and culture as well as on topics having to do with the interdisciplinary field of human spatiality. In his recent work he explores the overlap between literature and economics.  He was guest lecturer at a number of European universities (Odense, Aarhus, Leipzig, Genoa) and has presented his work at numerous international conferences. He spent the academic year 1994-1995 as a Fulbright scholar at Yale University and was again awarded a Fulbright scholarship for the 2011 summer semester which he spent at Cornell University. He is the acting president of the Croatian Association for American Studies and the regional association of American Studies (Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia).

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