Pregled aktivnosti

Pregled dosadašnjih aktivnosti na projektu u 2014., 2015., 2016. i 2017.

4th annual American Studies workshop in Zagreb

The 4th annual American Studies workshop of the Croatian Association for American Studies, entitled "The (Un)usable Pasts in American Studies," was held in Zagreb on May 14, 2016. This year, our keynote speaker was Russell Reising from the University of Toledo (Ohio, US), currently a visiting Fulbright professor at the Department of English in Zagreb.

Peta mjesečna radionica

Grant Farred (Cornell): Africana Studies as the critical platform for a cultural history of capitalism

6. mjesečna radionica

Šesta mjesečna radionica: Ralph Waldo Emerson o političkoj ekonomiji kao kritička platforma za kulturnu povijest kapitalizma (6. svibnja 2015.).

Četvrta kvartalna radionica

"Keynes and the Indispensability of Humanities"

Treća kvartalna radionica

Etnologija danas i kulturna povijest kapitalizma

Druga kvartalna radionica

Predavanje profesora Mladena Dolara (Ljubljana) o nagonu duga, 30. lipnja 2015.

3rd Annual American Studies Workshop in Zagreb

Call for Proposals: Quarter of a Century after the Fall of the Berlin Wall - Perspectives and Directions in Croatian and Regional American Studies.

CfP: The (Un)usable Pasts of American Studies

This year’s American Studies Workshop in Zagreb proposes as its central concern the question of the meaning of the past, understood as a living history, and its interaction with the practice of American Studies. The workshop will take place at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences on May 14, 2016. The deadline for proposals is March 15, 2016.

Simpozij "A Cultural History of Capitalism"

The conference "A Cultural History of Capitalism" will take place on April 7-8, 2017 at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb.